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Request For New Games

We are always adding in new games to the site, but if we have missed on some, you can use the below comments section to request for new games to be added into the site. Please read the rules before requesting for games.

Rules For Requesting

    1. Before Placing A Request Check PC Game List Page
    2. Do Not Request Multiplayer games (Online Games)
    3. Do not Request Which Need Internet To Play.
    4. Request 1 Game Per Day.
    5. Request Those Game That has been Already Released.
    6. Request Any PC Game.
    7. Your Can Request All PS2 And PS3 Game.
    8. Request Xbox 360 And Xbox One Games.
    9. Request PC Software.

We will try our best to add the games as soon as possible, so therefore do not spam the comments section below, respect each other please and enjoy gaming.